Configuring a new RPI for eVOLVER as server

Hi All,

I am building an evolver and currently getting the RPi set up for initial testing. I have the Electron app on a Mac and plan to use the RPI as a server for now. After establishing an ssh connection, installing git, getting everything updated, and running “,” I see that there is no supervisord.conf file to start any processes. What should this configuration file look?


Hi @BBBartelle,

Supervisorctl is a separate utility that manages running processes on the rpi. You would need to install that and then set it up to automatically start the evolver server on bootup.

Usually what we do is just flash a pre-setup image onto the new RPi so we don’t have to go through the whole installation/configuration steps repeatedly. You can find the image here.

I usually flash the memory onto the RPi SD card using UNIX command line utilities. Open a terminal after plugging in the SD card to your laptop and run

diskutil list

You should be able to identify the SD card name from this. Next run

diskutil unmountdisk <diskname>

where <diskname> is the name you identified in the previous command - it should look like /dev/disk3/ or something like that. Finally you can use the dd command to copy the image onto the disk.

sudo dd bs=4m if=<diskimage.img> of=<diskname>

Again, be sure to change the two arguments above! if should point to the image you downloaded from the link above, and of should be the diskname.

This command can take a while, and it doesn’t show any status or progress updates - just be patient. If it fails, try decreased the bs argument to 1m instead of 4m - this will slow things down but will decrease the chance of failure. If you still have issues let me know!

Lastly, you can update the server code by following these instructions. Also make sure to update the conf.yml file to have the correct power levels. It might be fine in that image but if you’re comfortable updating it manually it can’t hurt.