Fluidics Pump, OD, and Temperature Calibration Protocols

You can access the protocols on Notion here. These are optimized following several different attempts and revisions, but there might be some improvements still available. Please let me know if y’all have any feedback or suggestions.


wow this is awesome and well documented/ organized! Thanks for contributing to the community. This really goes a long way.

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Hi y’all,

I recently updated the OD and temperature calibration protocols to be more beginner-friendly, so I thought I’d bump this. I’ll likely try to expand the details on how to log the calibration to the eVOLVER and verify it is properly communicated to the DPU in the coming weeks, and perhaps add more photos.

Also expect some other updates soon, as I have designed 3D printed light shields that successfully isolated bulk culture vials from light and have worked out (hopefully all) the remaining knots in my refactored, more object-oriented eVOLVER scripting!