About the min-eVOLVER category

For min-eVOLVER documentation please see the wiki.

About the min-eVOLVER Category
Please only post questions specific to min-eVOLVER hardware, construction, software, and experiments here.

For example, questions about the eVOLVER vials or pumps should be posted in the main hardware category as these are unchanged in the min-eVOLVER.

Questions about the min-eVOLVER case or pump PCB can be asked in the min-eVOLVER hardware category.

About the min-eVOLVER
The min-eVOLVER is a minimal, mini version of the main eVOLVER. It runs in the same software ecosystem with minimal changes to the code. However, the min-eVOLVER controls two eVOLVER Smart Sleeves and six pumps, making it simpler, smaller, and less costly.