About the Volume of the required media

Hi, eVOLVER experts

I am now setting some experiments, and found that I need 25 L for almost 5 days experiments ! (20 mL for culture volumes, 1.5 h for Avg.doubleing time, 16 for the number of cultures)

I calculated the required media by using the metrics in the Supplementary Notes 8 below.

Because it’s my first time with continuous culture, it is just surprising me.

Is 25 L for 5 days kind of normal volumes often used ??

Thank you very much for your help!

Best wished

Hi @sunachi,

If you are running a turbidostat, the media consumption will also depend on the cell density range you will be using e.g. for a lower_thres = 0.1 and higher_thres = 0.8, cells are growing for 3 generations without a dilution, so you will use a bit less medium.

I use the following formula to calculate my eVOLVER’s consumption:

experiment_time / time_between_dilutions * volume_per_dilution

which extends to the following:

days * 24 / ( LOG2 ( upper / lower ) * gtime ) * ( 1 - lower / upper ) * volume

You can also use this excel sheet.

Hope it helps!



@danigarcia Thanks for the tips!!

By the way, what is gtime in your extended formula ?


Generation time, so the same as doubling time in the formula from the paper.