DIY low cost version of eVOLVER


I was wondering whether you would ever publish a full list of parts by supplier and make available those parts that are custom made (i.e. printed circuit boards and microfluidic chip), leaving the assembly to the user with a documentation / video on howto.

The pre-assembled eVOLVER is still pricey and I would like to know how low it could get, if one only got the parts? I will have a hard time convincing my PI for a casual 10k…

I generally think I could assemble something like this, but I am not sure if at this time the system is actually meant and ready for DIY i.e. if one could build it just with your hardware specs on github, so I just wanted to confirm this.

Looking forward to your answer!


Respectfully, the board designs and all the parts have always been available for anyone to build. My apologies if it has been difficult to find. All design files and associated parts are in the KiCAD files located on the fynchbio website. Within the KiCAD files, there is a BOM that has all the part numbers from the NBT publication.

The CAD files for the milifluidic devices can be found here:

All fabrication protocols for the fluidic devices are found within the supplement documents from the manuscript (pg. 21):

Putting an exhaustive instruction list of how to assemble all electronic components would be quite challenging and beyond the scope of what we are able to do at this point. Anyone sufficiently skilled in PCB design + device fabrication should be able to generate these devices from these files.

Sorry and thank you, I have zero experience! It is definitely my inexperience. I did find the KiCAD files and figured out how I would order them.