eVOLVER modifications made at the Brazilian Center for Research in Energy and Materials


My name is Eduarda, I’m an intern in the Brazilian Center for Research in Energy and Materials (CNPEM). The Engineering division here at the Center has been studying the eVOLVER framework and building one from scratch over the last year, and I would like to share some of our results and some alterations we’ve made to the project.

Currently, the hardware has been setup and we’ve been able to control it manually through the Raspberry Pi. We’re now working on better understanding the software available on Github for the server and the DPU. The PCBs were bought from China at JLCPCB and the rest of the components were bought here in Brazil, some in the US, and a couple imported from Europe. Few changes were made from the original project, one of them was the redesign of the 3D printed vial holder present in the smart sleeves:


The mechanical structure was also altered to better fit our needs - as showed in the picture below.

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Eduarda Nicoletto


Wow this looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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So cool Eduarda! Did you make or alter the eVOLVER motherboard? Or is that what comes next?

Also in case you haven’t already, go check out the eVOLVER Wiki, which has sections on both eVOLVER software and hardware. If you’re able, we would also love your improvements to the Wiki through pull requests to the Wiki GitHub!

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We haven’t altered the motherboard but might be doing so in the future. We’re still figuring out our next steps but I’ll be sure to keep the community updated once we run some more tests and have more concrete results. Thanks for the reply, Nate!

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