Early Questions on Optogenetics Extensions

Hey, hope all is well during this crazy time!

We are looking expand our eVOLVER for optogenetics and I had a couple questions about doing this:
(1) How many blank LED inputs are still in the each sleeve? (This might be specific to our eVOLVER, since we have 2 diodes measuring OD.)
(2) Are there already software updates or calibration controls for optogenetics?
(3) Do you already have a recommended LED manufacture?


Most setups have the following:

  1. Stir
  2. EMPTY
  5. IR LED
  6. IR PD
  7. IR PD
  8. EMPTY

So you would have two more slots for LEDs. We have some prelim code to do this, but it hasnt been tested yet. Should be straight forward to add once the hardware modifications are made.

(3) Do you already have a recommended LED manufacture?

No, I would recommend just looking at specification sheets on Digikey. There are a lot that vary in pricing and emission spectrum.

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If we wanted to use a two-light LED diode with a common cathode (or a common anode), would it be straightforward to use three-socket headers/screw terminals (instead of two-socket ones) and still have an EMPTY slot remaining?

Unfortunately it probably won’t be that straight forward while keeping the other slot open. You could incorporate some additional electronics on the vial board to get it to work. If you want to do any specific modifications, the EDF at BU is a really great resource and is familiar with the system.

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In the black 3D printed base, there is only a single empty hole to push the LED light through. Do you have any tips for adding another hole for the second LED and a spectral sensor?

We have a 3D printer at home so if you have the file for the current design and best material to use, I could try to edit the design and print it myself.

Here’s the CAD files for them! Good luck!

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Is there any update on this Optogenetics extension?

Many thanks!

Hey, this project is going to someone else in the Dunlop lab. I just finished typing up some notes if you want to look through them.

If you only want optogenetic control without feedback then it would be a lot easier to modify the holder and incorporate two new LEDs. But based on our system, we ended up making larger modifications to each sleeve’s circuit board. In the end, I got stuck at finding an appropriate photodiode to measure sfGFP.

Hope it helps you with your own extensions!