Issues with OD calibration

Hi everyone,

I recently did an OD calibration. I had multiple samples with the same OD however, the curves don’t look as expected. Below is the result of a sigmoid fit with od90 and below that is the sigmoid fit for od135.

1.12.21 od fit


I’m wondering what a possible solution to this might be. Whether the LEDs or the detectors might need to be changed. I think a couple of the vials (9 and 14) look fine, but I’m curious as to whether the discrepancies with the rest are due to incorrect positioning or whether we just need to change out the LEDs.

Any input will be appreciated!

For us to help you, we need to see the configuration file of the eVOLVER. Can you ssh into the pi using these instructions and copy and paste what is in the conf.yml file? Thanks.

  1. Go to Terminal and type in ssh pi@<evolver ip address>, for example, our evolver is so we would put ssh pi@ The password is DbLaoXDr

  2. Type the following: nano evolver/evolver/conf.yml

  3. Copy and paste what is listed there to this thread.

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