(Newbie) Connecting tubing to peristaltic pumps

Might be a simple question but I’ve struggled finding a concrete answer so I thought this might be useful to other fellow eVOLVER newbies. Based on the pictures of the assembled eVOLVER, and another post in the peristaltic pump subthread, it appears that tubing is usually connected to a peristaltic pump via a male-female luer lock connection. However, our eVOLVER unit (delivered in August 2022) has this sort of attachment ziptied to each overhang on the pumps:

I was wondering if the current connection of the 1/16" tubing to the overhang on the pumps is appropriate. If not, please let me know what the best alternative is.

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Hi thanks for your question! Yes its a bit of a pain to get the tubing on there the first time but it helps the tubing from disconnecting later.