Pump in from multiple sources

Hi people,

I’m trying to pump in from two sources (different amount) into one vial so I wonder if it’s possible and if you’ve got it to work before, I’d really appreciate any suggestions and advice!


This should be fairly straight forward by controlling two separate peristaltic pumps, each from its own media source. If you have any other more specific questions, please let me know.


Thank you for your quick reply! Just wondering how to implement it in terms of coding. Could you give an example of how to execute this in python? Thanks!

This would depend on how you are trying to set it up, so I can’t really give you specific guidance unless you share what your setup looks like.

Generally, if you want a reference, the fluidic commands are executed here:

The logic for determining which pump to actuate is just above that portion of the script. The setting is passed through the MESSAGE variable to the fluid_command function in the eVOLVER library:

I would recommend playing around this to familiarize yourself with a small test script. For example, the following includes test stir and temp commands. You could easily implement something similar to test fluidic commands.