Stir fan magnets can be dislodged

PSA for Wong et al / Khalil lab distribution era eVOLVER users. Fynchbio distribution era has a bracer to prevent this from happening.

The 12V power was turned on for an eVOLVER without the 5V, causing all fans & pumps to run at max speed. The high speed caused the magnets on a few of the fans to come unglued (see below), and now they are stuck. Be sure to check on this afterwards if you accidentally run 12V on its own. Turn stir to 0 in the fluid test script or electron app, then back on, see if any fail to turn. if you jiggle the smart sleeve a bit, you’ll see that the fan tries to spin.

Repair is relatively straightforward, just unscrew fan from bottom of smart sleeve, and reglue the magnets in place with super glue. Avoid using too much, otherwise magnets will rub against the acrylic piece that sits on top.