Questions on Stir Rate

The stir rate can’t be adjusted on the setup page for all the sleeves except the assembled sleeve coming with the eVOLVER package (I think we should assemble the sleeves correctly). When I set the stir rate to different numbers, it seems that the real stir rates in the sleeve are the same, but i can stop stirring in all sleeves by setting the stir rate to 0.

And another question regarding stir rate is what the numbers of stir rate mean? like, what rpm do the numbers of stir rate represent? This would be very useful to choose different stir rates for different culture volume, which should decrease the influence of stirring on OD readings.

Anyone could help with this? Thanks.

The stir rates are not calibrated to RPM. They are at an arbitrary value since it depends on on the stir bar used. One way to check the RPM is to stir a vial of water (or something with the same viscosity as your media) and measure with a high speed camera (e.g. on a normal smart phone).

If the stir rate is toggle-able ON or OFF (0 or not), then it is working properly. The stir rate different might not be obvious.

What type of cells are you growing?

Thanks Brandon.

I’m growing yeast cells.

The stir rate difference for different number is very obvious for the assembled sleeve coming the eVOLVER package (even between 1 and 3), but not for other sleeves we assembled (almost no difference for 1 and the maximum 15).

If you move the position of the provided sleeve, does the sleeve still work properly? (e.g. from slot 0 to slot 1)

Can you provide an image of a sleeve you assembled? Also a close up of the green screw terminal where the leads of the stirring motor goes to?

Yes, I tried exchanging the position of provided sleeve and other sleeve, the provided sleeve also work well but sleeve we assembled not.

here are pictures.

can you take a picture of the fan part number (can image through the acrylic at the bottom of the Smart Sleeve?

here is the picture of the fans

there is some difference (the connection point of the black line on the fan) to the fan on the provided sleeve and the other fans.

black line come out from the third point for fans on the provided sleeve:

black line comes out from the second point for other fans:

Where the wires come out should not make a difference.

Can you give me a quick call, if you are free? I messaged you my number.

i set stir rate to 1, and here are how the 2 sleeves look like