Any PCB of Solenoid Valves Bank?

Hello, everyone. I’m Marty.

Where can I find the PCB of solenoid valves for millifluidic devices?
I mean the one shown in the supplementary figure 9c.

Boards from the publications can be found here:

Thank you for your answer, Brandon.

I thought solenoid valves can be soldered on PCBs, but this is my misunderstanding.
Now, I have another two questions:

  • How to control the solenoid valves via AUX board?
    It seems the 16-pin breakout board shown in the supplementary fig. 10a can play this role.
  • Where can I buy this product?

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Hi Marty,

A lot of this information can be found in the Supplement (where you got that initial figure from). Generally speaking, the Arduino board controls several PWM boards on the auxiliary board. These PWM boards control the duty cycle of the output pins from 0 to 12V on up to 48 channels (on the aux board).

For more information about how this is controlled, you can look at the Arduino code.

The image that you showed are pumps connected to a breakout board (not the solenoid valves). The 16 pin IDC breakout board can be found on Amazon.

The solenoid valves can be found from Pneumadyne.


Hi, Brandon.
Thank you for your answer in detail!
I’ll carefully read the code and the Supplement again.

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You’re welcome! Please let me know if anything needs clarification.