Solenoid Valves for Millifluidic Devices


Just a simple confirmation, is it correct that the solenoid valve is responsible for turning the switch on and off, and that there is a separate air/vacuum device? If so, what device is used in the paper?


Hi @sunachi, This is correct, they allow the the control channels to have vacuum or be pressurized to open and close pneumatic millifluidic valves. We use Pneumadyne S10MM-31-12-3, 12V DC 3-Way Solenoid, normally open valves. Other similar 3-way solenoids should also work.

In our lab we have building vacuum and air lines. The millifluidics are very sensitive to the air line - to regulate it we designed an 8-channel pressure regulator that interfaces with eVOLVER, described here in the supplement. Vacuum we just hook up direct to the building vacuum lines.


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I should add you don’t necessarily need the same pressure regulation solution we implemented - for the IPP applications it was important to have very highly controlled pressure, but depending on what you’re trying to accomplish and what kind of infrastructure you have something like this could work:

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What a coolest&fascinating figures of the supplement. And also the pressure regulator!

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