eVOLVER screen unresponsive and no computer connection

Hi there,

I was checking a few things on the eVOLVER in preparation for a new OD calibration and as I was in the Setup mode, I sent a command to change all vial temperatures to 25 degrees. Shortly after this (though this may be unrelated to the issue), the screen immediately went black. I turned everything off and back on, but the screen remains black.

When I flick the 12V switch on, the fans are running and I can hear the hum of the eVOLVER. Also, when I turn on the 5V switch, I see the little blue light on the bottom right of the unit, but the screen remains black. Furthermore, even after waiting a few minutes after switching the 5V power, the eVOLVER has lost contact with the computer, and I am unable to connect via the eVOLVER software, and I get a “Request timed out” when attempting to ping it via the command line.

Any suggestions?

The raspberry pi on the bottom has a light next to the “PWR” indicator. Not sure if there is supposed to be a power light on the raspberry pi? I switched the power input cable for the top pi but that didn’t seem to fix the issue (in fact, the current cable works for a different device). Not sure what the issue is.

EDIT: The light on the bottom Raspberry Pi shows a red light, which according to a quick google search may mean that the SD card is corrupted. Could that be the case?

If you can’t ping the pi on the command line the SD card could be corrupted and need a re-flash. I’ve had to do this a few times myself for some Khalil lab eVOLVERs. We have documented in the wiki how to do it:

Doing this will lose all your calibrations and configurations - you might want to try extracting them first by plugging the card into another computer and seeing if you can get the files in ~/evolver/evolver