Finding IP address with touchscreen not working

I am trying to find the IP address of the evolver (says to tap the upper right hand of the touchscreen). My touchscreen is on and reflects the same screen as the evolver app, but won’t respond to touch. Anyone else run into this issue?

Can you provide some photographs of your system and the Home Screen, etc? Thanks!


Photos below. I’m still in the process of setting everything up, but was trying to get the instruments talking to each other. Is there something noticeably wrong with the screen?

So when you press the my name is evolver-darwin, nothing pops up?

Did you set up the router and assign the eVOLVER a static IP yet?


Correct, nothing pops up. Also, I did not set up with a router yet - just wanted to temporarily run it while I wait for the router to come in. Could this be a cause?

Hi, a router is needed to properly assign the IP address to the unit. Without it, the GUI might not interface correctly with the server on the Pi.