White touchscreen

Hi! Some weeks ago I was running a two weeks turbidostat with the eVOLVER and, at some point (>12 days), the screen turned completely white. I completely stopped the experiment control script in the computer and restarted the machine (raspi, main power and pumps, in this order). The screen was then back to normal, and I restarted the experiment.

Since it was a long test, I thought it may just be the Rasberry activating the screensaver since, when an experiment is running, I don’t usually interact with the touchscreen. However, it just happened to me again, and I touched the screen yesterday.

I found a couple of posts talking about this:

I haven’t had the time to troubleshoot this yet, but maybe someone has any advice/idea on what is the problem and how to solve it. Anyway, I’m not sure that it’s the screensaver…

I’ll keep you updated!

The screen saver should be deactivated so I’m not sure why that is happening. Can you still ping the eVOLVER via the computer or does the Raspberry Pi not respond?

I didn’t try to ping the raspberry, but the experiment was going on normally, so the raspberry should be connected correctly, right?. That’s what made us thing of a problem only with the screen…

It happened again. Screensaver is indeed deactivated and I can ping the Pi (experiment keeps running normally). Some posts suggest it may be a wrong connection of the screen to the Pi, but it shouldn’t be the case because restarting solves the issue.

Could it be a white screen within the electron app? How can I check this? Thanks!

I am not sure. It might be the ribbon cable that attaches the Pi to the touch screen is loose. It causes weird effect from that sometimes. Not quite sure what the issue is.