Heating element not working

When I use the GUI to set a temperature, or even just turn on the eVOLVER, every smart sleeve heats up except for the sleeve in the top left corner location. The fan works, and I get temperature and OD readings. It’s just the heating element that won’t work.
The sleeve in the top left corner does not change raw or celcius temperature values. According to the GUI, it’s raw value is ~ 2000 and temperature = 26.6 degrees.
I can feel the heating element, which is consistently cold even when it should be heating.

It worked fine for the last few months. I haven’t touched the vial since the last experiment or repaired it.

Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

  1. Swapping smart sleeves into the top left corner position ( also swapping the ribbon cable). Smart sleeves consistently do not heat up in the top left corner, but start working when they are moved to any other position.
  2. Restarting the evolver manually
  3. restarting the evolver from the pi

The port that the ribbon cable goes into is very clean, and nothing looks corroded.

Something that may or may not be useful: when I noticed this problem initially, I pulled out the smart sleeve at position 12 and replaced the whole thing. I didn’t try that smart sleeve on anything else. I did notice the pin at position 5 in the back was elevated relative to the rest of the pins.

Any suggestions on what to do?

How does temperature calibration plot look like for this sleeve?

The old temperature calibration plot ( while things were working) looked like this:

The new temperature calibration plot looks like this ( see how vial 12 is flat):

Hi Eric,

Can you check the config file on the raspberry pi? I’m curious if the commands are successfully making it through. When you swapped the smart sleeve out did it heat? And lastly, are you able to change the temperature of other vials, like swapping between 30-37C?

There is a known bug that can occur if you only change a parameter of subset of vials, I have a fix in for RC but unfortunately we haven’t been able to push a new release in a while.


The fix is in the master branch but it is not in the packaged release files.


Also, if you can provide a screenshot of the log on the rpi as you send temperature commands that would be very helpful!