GUI suggestion for target temperature

Hi all,

A small suggestion for the GUI on the computer software as well as on the touch screen. After a temperature is applied to one or more smart sleeves using the interface, if one change to display another parameter like the stirring speed and then goes back to the temperature display, it is reset to the default temperature (30 C…just on the display, not on the smart sleeves of course)…so then one does not really know from there what the target temperature is. It would be useful to be able to see the target temperature for the different smart sleeves. The same is true for the stirring speed although in our case, all cultures are always being stirred at the same speed, and changing the stirring speed is virtually immediate, in contrast to the temperature. Anyway, it would be nice to display both the measured temperature as well as the target temperature (it is indicated in the command line at the bottom left of the screen, but these are only the raw values, so not easy !).

Just a suggestion !



Great suggestion! This is something that’s bugged me for a while as well. I created an issue for it on github:

Actually, would it be difficult to display the set temperature on the eVOLVER schematics ? As the OD and measured temp are displayed for each vial, could the setpoint of each vial appear let say in a different color at the same place, for each vial ? Because if one sets different temperatures for the differents vials, that would be very helpful !

Yeah that wouldn’t be hard. The last setpoint for each param lives on the raspberry pi inside the conf.yml file, so it would just be a matter of adding a web socket event for setpoints, then modifying the GUI to fetch and display it. Seems like a good thing to add to our next iteration of features.