Is tube inside the Pump autoclavable?

Hi there!

I got an eVOLVER system before and trying to sterilize them.

Is the tube inside the Pump autoclavable?



It should be! Not sure about the zip ties, but you can always take a chance!

We don’t typically autoclave the tube and instead sterilize by running 10% bleach through.

Is there a reason you think you need to autoclave it?


Thanks for reply!

As you said, I was sterilizing the tube with 10 %bleach and 30% ethanol, then DW before use.
But I found the contamination happening inside the tube (the color getting muddy, see below, I always get to know the contamination by the color of the tube).

So I am lokking the other way to solve this problem.

I just want to make sure the autoclave stuff before I actually do it.

Thank you very much! I will try.

We never use 30% ethanol to sterilize. If we do use ethanol, we use 70%, which is standard in general. @danhart has found that some contamination can be even introduced from 70% ethanol if you don’t use sterile water.

I would recommend using 10% bleach and then flushing it with autoclaved DI water.

OMG…I was following this procedure for months.

okay I’ll use 70% ethanol instead of 30% and sterile water.

Thanks again!

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Haha we all have these moments. Hopefully that fixes things!

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