Resistor Network for the Motherboard


The motherboard has RP1,…, RP16 where I assume resistor networks are put in the connectors. What resistance would the networks be?

Thank you in advance.

Depends on what sensors are in which spot. Typically we populate it with the following:

  • Slot M4 - Thermistor (10k ohm) - 103LF
  • Slot M6 - OD135 (100k ohm) - 105LF
  • Slot M7 OD90 (1M ohm) - 104LF

See below for Zack’s correction

Hope that helps.

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Hi Eduarda,

You can check out the wiki for an overview of the motherboard.


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Slight correction to Brandon’s response if you have the most up to date version of the motherboard and RevD of the vial board:

  • Slot M6 - OD90 (1M ohm) - 105LF
  • Slot M7 - OD135 (100k ohm) - 104LF

Slot M7 is likely unpopulated on your setup.

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