Updated Motherboard Design Connection to RPi


I am building the eVOLVER from the available documentation (Nature paper, Fynchbio PCBs, vial board BOMs, tutorials here, etc.). I have a question on how the most recent Motherboard is supposed to connect to the RPi server.

The Nature paper and published BOM shows a DB9 connection from the RPi RS485 hat to the DB9 port on the (older design) motherboard, the newer design of the motherboard (Motherboard Rev E) we received doesn’t have a DB9 connection, but it does have a couple of USB ports not present on the earlier design. Is it safe to assume that the intended communication route is from the RPi RS485 hat to the USB on the motherboard? Will basically any DB9 to USB cable be suitable?

Additional note: I’m not adding the fluidics module, the only functionalities I am needing in my eVOLVER are temperature and agitation control and OD monitoring.


Hi Ben,

The older boards used a DB9 cable, we have since switched to a normal phone jack (RJ11). The USB port is used purely for power. We make our own Pi Hat with the RJ11 connector.

Hope this clarifies things.