The OMIT resistors

@bgwong Could you please give a suggested resistance to the OMIT resistors on ADC board? ! [R10 R11 R14 R15 R18 R19 R2 R22 R23 R26 R27 R3 R30 R31 R34 R35 R38 R39 R42 R43 R46 R47 R50 R51 R54 R55 R58 R59 R6 R62 R63 R7]

We do not populate those resistors on our typical eVOLVER setup but they are used for any filtering you might want from the hardware. The suggested resistance should be calculated based on your own needs.

I apologize for the vague answer but you can read more about it here:


@sweettiger be careful playing with those resistors - it will affect the gain on the reading from whatever is plugged into it. You might end up just amplifying noise from the environment or saturating the output. I’ve found that if you’re trying to do some sort of sensitive measurement that requires signal amplification, you will probably need additional hardware closer to the detector (there is a lot of impedance inherent in copper that will deteriorate your signal over long wires and traces). It’s very application specific though, so definitely look through the site @bgwong shared and do additional research on your specific detector before playing around with the ADC board (app notes, datasheets).

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Thank you, Heinsz. We will be carefull and keep communication with all your guys. :slight_smile: