How could i make a millifluidic system with multiplexer?

Hi guys, I have some questions about how to make a microfluidic device, if you can answer me, I would be very grateful!

  1. Through reading publication and forums, I have a simple understanding of how to make microfluidic plates. But I am not clear about many details, such as solenoid valve set and solenoid bank. Is there a commercial product? If so, could u provide the purchase link, thank you.

  2. The CAD design drawing of the microfluidic system including the multiplexer and the demultiplexer, I do not know if it is the fault of my computer, but I did not find it on the forum and github.

  3. How does the microfluidic system determine the flow rate? As far as I know, the velocity of ePACE is determined according to the “peristaltic effect”, but I am not sure. Could you please help me further explain its principle? And what does “Hz” mean?

  4. At the same time, I did not understand how the microfluidic system including the multiplexer controls the “flow rate”(eg:xml/s). Is it through also something like the “peristaltic effect”? Or use the pump to provide power and collaboration, please explain in detail, thank you very much!

  5. Regarding the assembly of the flow layer and control layer of the microfluidic system: you mentioned in the additional materials that intubated polypropylene connectors (Value Plastics, X220-6005) are used for connection. I’m not quite sure how the connection is made.Can you provide some detailed photos?

  6. In general, we want to try to use the multiplexer microfluidic system to sterilize the reactor(clean in place strategy). Do you have any good suggestions? Thanks again!

Hi David,

It’s great that you’re exploring microfluidic devices, and your questions are quite detailed. Many of the answers you’re looking for can be found in the eVOLVER forum: Evolver Forum - Millifluidics Section or on the wiki here: Evolver Documentation - Hardware Overview. The eVOVLER hardware github is here and has several millifluidic boards: hardware/Accessories at master · FYNCH-BIO/hardware · GitHub

As for sterilizing the reactor using a multiplexer microfluidic system, it would be very useful to have a system working like this. It would be important to bleach above the efflux line and then also dilute bleach out very well with sterile water, but it could be done.

This is what Hz means.

I hope this helps, and best of luck with your microfluidic endeavors!

Thanks for your reply,which has solved a lot of my problems, but I still have a few questions to consult you: I did not find the CAD file of the microfluidic board with the multiplexer. It was mentioned in the previous post that it can be found in this website:, but I clicked it and found it invalid. And if I want to make this microfluidic board with a multiplexer by myself, what are the specific sizes, such as the depth, length and width of the flow path? The size of the valve and so on… I would really like to know those parameters.Looking forward to your reply!


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