Start up question - OD readings

New to the eVolver. What does an OD reading of NaN mean?

Hi an NaN reading means that when the code converts the raw signal from the OD measurements into a calibrated OD reading, it is throwing an error. In other words, this usually happens when the signal is out of the typical OD range for whatever calibration you are using.

To remedy this:

  • Redo calibrations
  • Bring cultures down to the appropriate OD range that it was calibrated for


We are having calibration file and calibration button issues. Using a Windows 10 PC. After finishing a calibration, no calibration button is created. Our IT person has manually loaded temp calibration files as described in the on-line users guide and buttons are created. I just finished an OD calibration. Again, no button created and IT manually loaded file(s). He found two files for the single calibration - od90 and od135. Buttons were created for both files. Are either or both usable for experiments? And, if yes, what is the difference?



More information description on this can be found here:

The TLDR is that it depends on what OD range you are looking to run your experiment in.