Temperature limitations

Hello eVOLVER experts,
I am trying to set up some experiments with eVOLVER and would need it to work at 58-60 degrees Celsius. Has someone operated at these temperatures before? The main paper says the max T would be 45 degrees Celsius. Is anyone aware of any part of the equipment that may limit the temperature?
Thank you very much for your help!
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Hi Anush,

There are two 20 Ohm, 15 W heating resistors (wired in series) on the Smart Sleeve that provide the heating capabilities. With the typical 12V power source, the Sleeve can get to 45C if the room temp is around 25C. There are several ways to increase temperature, and also a few concerns:

  • You can change the input power source from 12V to 24V to output more heat, but the fans responsible for stirring have to be replaced for 24V rated ones. Both the stirring and heating come from the same power source. Changing one will impact the other. Be sure to calculate the current draw and do not exceed 1A/ channel on the eVOLVER for the heaters.

  • You can put the eVOLVER in an incubator ~40C and then use eVOLVER to increase the temp to 60C on the smart sleeve (while keeping the 12V power). I am not sure how robust the electronics constantly in a warm environment. I don’t see any obvious issues but it is something to consider.

  • One concern: The PLA 3d printed sleeves on the eVOLVER get pretty soft at around 55C and can deform. I would try printing new sleeves out of ABS if you were to try this.


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Hi Brandon,
Thank you so much for your quick answer! I will try this out and follow up here if I have more questions!
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