Was setting up a new eVOLVER with the newest software (release 2.0.1), and run into issues when trying to start an experiment

I am setting up a new eVOLVER with the newest software release, the issues i met so far are:

  1. on my computer GUI, when i click Save Expe. button or start button, it seems that eVOLVER didn’t response and can’t start experiment .

  2. if choose File Editor, the files eVOLVER.py and custom_script.py are empty

below is how i set up the eVOLVER:

  1. eVOLVER was connected to TP-LINK router through Ethernet port and was assigned a permanent ip address ( My computer (MacOS) was connected to the router wirelessly.

  2. Vial Platform and the Fluidics Platform were connected by RS485-RS485 and USB-5V

  3. updated eVOLVER server code and RPi GUI by following this protocol (Updating the eVOLVER Server - eVOLVER) with evolver-electron-2.0.0.AppImage (version 2.0.0 under release 2.0.1?) and eVOLVER Server Code release 2.0.1

  4. installed PUD release 2.0.1 on my Mac by following this protocol (DPU Installation - eVOLVER) using python3.9.5

  5. install GUI (evolver-electron-2.0.0.dmg under release 2.0.1) on my Mac by following this protocol (Electron App (GUI) Installation - eVOLVER)

Would anybody help with these issues? thanks so much.

@heinsz can comment more on the GUI. You can still run the experiment the same way as before (via the command line, not using the GUI). It should run the same (or very similarly).


I found, after i created a new experiment on Mac GUI, the generated files custom_script.py, eVOLVER.py and nbstreamreader.py in folders /Users/<my_name>/Library/Application Support/eVOLVER/experiments/<my_experiment_name>/ and /Users/<my_name>/Library/Application Support/eVOLVER/template/ are all empty. below are the screen shot.

i think this would be the reason that eVOLVER server didn’t response, any suggestions to fix this problem? Thanks.


When you first opened the application, did you have an internet connection? If not, connect to the internet, delete those directories manually, and try again. I’ll make an issue on github to have it check for the files and alert if it can’t access github. You can also manually put the files in place for now. As long as you put the .py files in the template directory everything should work.

github issue: Empty files for template experiment if no internet · Issue #244 · FYNCH-BIO/evolver-electron · GitHub


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Hi Zack,

Thanks so much for your help. Your suggestion of connecting to internet fix the issue that i got empty files in folders template and experiments/<my_experiment_name>/


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