Issues re-installing evolver scripts

My hard disk crapped out after everything was perfectly set up, so I’m putting things pack together again with the new drive.

I followed the setup commands at https://github.com/FYNCH-BIO/dpu including

but i’m confused-- there is no “main_eVOLVER.py” file anywhere on my computer. How can i get/generate this file?

I’m also hoping that I can use my existing calibration files, stored on the eVOLVER unit itself. but currently running “python3.6 calibration/calibrate.py -o -a -g” results in it waiting to connect to the evolver indefinitely. Perhaps this is a clue to a bigger issue?


dpu-master/experiment/template includes the following:


but no main_eVOLVER.py

We’ve been updating the scripts so we’ve started to reorganize some things. Do you still have access to the old files on the old computer? You can just grab those files and do an install off those files, to keep things simpler.

If you have the old scripts, you can follow the same install instructions and it should run the same way. Remember to grab the old application from that computer also (you might have to zip it for it to properly transfer over)

If you wanted to use the new code, we would have to update the code on the eVOLVER itself, which isn’t hard. Just need to come by and flash some new code.