Why am I receiving a "no vials selected" error message when I do have vials selected?

Hi everyone,

This is my first post here, so I hope this is the correct category for my question.

I am trying to manually run the pumps for a selection of vials. I first selected the vials on the DPU, then clicked the “Pump: 20 s” button. But I got an error which told me I have no vials selected. Is there a fix for this? I get the same error when using the touchscreen on the eVOLVER.


Hi there might be a bug in the GUI. Do the pumps run/ rotate? I think there might be a error on how it is displayed but the pumps should still run ok if everything is powered on and connected properly.


Hi @jerrydinan,

This is a graphical bug - the commands should still be going through. I know it’s a confusing message, but as Brandon said above everything physically should be working. I’ll add this to the list of things to fix for the next release.