Some changes in the code resulting in error messeages


I did some changes to include more pumps and changed the mode of the Tstat. Now I ran into this:
“eVOLVER - [CRITICAL] - exception Some errors were detected !
Line #3 (got 6 columns instead of 4) stopped the experiment”
Which I did find neither in the nor the custom scripts. Where would that be related to?

Hm, that would be me writing dump code. In any case, where is that critical error coming from?

So as an explanation, I added some more info to the pump file to keep track of the pump direction (in/out) with more pumps and a seperated influx/efflux pump circle.
I think I actually figured out most of the problems, so thanks for being my rubber ducks.*
Will send the code to Brandon on email, since there is some bug fixes.

You can include whatever changes you made if you share your code here! Thanks!