Abnormal curves problems replicates between sleeves after leak

Hi all,

I am having an issue and I am wondering what you’d make of it. I had a leak in vial 8 which damage the fan. So I am running the machine without sleeve 8 plugged in the eVOLVER. The weird thing is that in my current set up, the other sleeves in this column (0,4 and 12) show the same growth oddities, while being different strains of fission yeast. You can see the graphs under.
Any idea what could cause such an issue?
I am using striring 8, 25ml cultures at 30C and cells were not flocualting.

Hi Quentin,

Did the leak happen before or after hour 3 in your experiment? And did you pick up/move any of those vials?


I started the experiment without sleeve 8. It was damaged before and I was waiting for a part to fix it.
And I didn’t touch the vials.

The fact that the traces shift in sync with each other makes me think that something before the Smart Sleeves themselves are causing the problem (motherboard/ADC/Arduino). To start I would ensure that all of the SA boards on the motherboard are fully set. You can also double check that all of the photodiodes and LEDs are well connected and not touching anything.

Do you see any inconsistencies in the temperature traces?

Also, are there any lights shining directly on the cultures? It seems like the clean part of the curve is in a ~10-12 hour interval, which might indicate there might be external factors affecting it (e.g. light being shined directly into the vials, etc., Zack’s previous question about temperature)

the temperatures do seems to show punctual temperature drop (it goes down for only 1 timepoint), that also repeats between sleeves…
The machine is in a room without windows and controlled temperature. If it’s an external factor I don’t what it could be. How would I check that the SA boards are fully set?

Can you show the temperature traces? Also, the evolver came with clips for the vials that should hold them in place. Are you using those?

Sorry for the late reply, I have been really busy.
In the end the problem was indeed coming from our room light, but the pattern was unexpected so I did not spot it right away. I build a plastic box made out of black PPMA and it solved the problem. What is weird is that a few centimetres to the right, and the light had almost no effect in the neighbouring vial!
I have not used the aligners yet.
Your 1st intuition was right. Thanks!