Any Information about Millifluidic Decvices?

Hi guys! I am sunachi, undergraduate student, and trying to make the eVOLVER form scratch.

A few questions about millifluidic device.

  1. Is there any detail about CAD design for laser cutting? I want to know the depth and the width to cut.

  2. How to flow liquids through the connectors? It seems some part of the silicone membrane need to be penetrated… is this right?


Laser cutters have slightly different depth of cuts, due to how well the lens is cleaned, the wear and tear of the device. The best way to figure out the depth of cut is to try it on your own laser cutter and see how far it etches.

The design for devices found in the publication can be found here (hardware/Milifluidic Devices at master · FYNCH-BIO/hardware · GitHub). This should help reuse the valves for your own CAD.

The fabrication details can be found in the Supplemental information on the manuscript (Note 6, page 22.)

Thanks for replying so fast and for the tips!