Downloading the GUIs from Github

The GUIs can be found on this link:

We have included three GUIs:

  • AppImage - For Raspberry Pi Touchscreen
  • DMG - For OSX users
  • EXE- For Windows users

Warning: Make sure you are running the correct version. Different versions of the code can be found on this release page.

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updated! to newest link

I get an error while loading up eVOLVER.exe
If I close the error and continue on the GUI seems to work without any issues: image

Hi Eric,

Thanks for pointing this out! We’ve known about this for a while on the windows build, but since it doesn’t prevent the app from functioning we haven’t prioritized fixing it. We’re planning a release with new features soon, I can add this fix into it.


Would it be possible to update the readme for evolver-electron to point to the releases, rather than giving instructions with yarn etc?

I originally didn’t realize that there was a compiled app and thought I had to do it myself. If people don’t happen to see this thread they might think the same.


Hi Nate,

This is a great idea - the releases section on the github page is a little bit hidden and it’s not obvious that you don’t need to build the application yourself. Why don’t you go ahead and make the change and submit a pull request? You should be able to click the edit button on the README at the bottom of the repo main page and create a pull request from within github. Reach out to me directly if you need help. I plan to make a section on the README for how to contribute soon.

The project is open source, we welcome contributions from anyone!


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