Electron GUI not loading after fresh installation

Our chemostat computer had to be factory reset, so we had to rebuild the eVOLVER software, and encountered issues with the electron GUI. After installing the .dmg file for our Mac as instructed by the wiki, the eVOLVER app opens to the white screen pictured.

Since we start it from the application window, no errors a thrown. Ideally we’d like to use the GUI to perform the calibrations, but will settle for commands to do so via the command line.

Thanks in advance!

What version of MacOS are you on? It has been working on a few macs in our lab so I am a bit puzzled on what is going on.

Hi, sorry for the late reply!

I decided to try updating our eVOLVER setup (server, electron & DPU) to 2.0.0. Unfortunately I’m still not making headway, as the new version of the server’s electron app is not able to communicate with the stir bars or the pumps. The latest client side electron app isn’t able to open at all.

  • All software versions are 2.0.0 following the wiki, and the initial forum post.
  • MacOS version Sonoma 14.5

Thank you!!!