Issues with Populating Active Calibrations in Experimental Setup Dashboard


I’m a new user reviving an eVOLVER setup from 2019, and I’m currently working with DPU v2.0.1 and Electron v2.0.0. I’m facing an issue with the Experimental Setup Dashboard. When I try to select any “Active Calibrations” (which appear in the pop up menu when clicking an empty field like ‘Temp’), nothing happens. It’s as if the GUI isn’t registering my selection.

For context, I recently ran a temperature calibration, and I was then able to successfully add this new calibration file to eVOLVER through the command line:

python calibration/ -a <ip_address> -g
python calibration/ -a <ip_address> -n <file_name> -t linear -f <name_after_fit> -p temp

I can then see this new calibration file listed in the GUI, but I’m unable to select it. However, I can view and select this new calibration file through eVOLVER’s touchscreen GUI. (I’m just trying to run everything through the computer if possible.)

I’ve read on this thread that there may be problems with the setup page if part of the calibrations.json file isn’t updated. Would my issue be one of said problems, or is this a different issue?

Thanks for any pointers!

I think the older GUI has a missing pump calibration file. So it is giving issues when populating the GUI. Try performing a pump cal first.


Thanks, Brandon. If anyone else encounters a similar issue in the future, here’s what worked for me:

  1. Updating the calibrations.json File: I first referred to a previous post and used the calibration code snippet provided there. I copied and pasted this snippet into my calibrations.json file located on my Raspberry Pi.
  2. Issue with NaN Readings: After updating calibrations.json, I noticed that the Temperature and OD readings on the GUI were displaying as NaN. This is similar to side effects mentioned in the comments of the same post.
  3. Fixing the NaN Issue: The solution came from updating the config.yml file. Specifically, I used the version from evolver-electron v2.0.1. After updating, the NaN issue was resolved, and the GUI readouts now display correctly.
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awesome glad you were able to figure it out!