Switch protector

Hi all,

We have noticed that once in a while, when leaning over the eVOLVER, it can happen that we accidentally push one of the main switch buttons (12 V or 5 V). So we built a small protection for the switches. You only need PMMA, a CO2 laser cutter and some epoxy glue. On the bottom plate, there is a square cutout for the eVOLVER foot, allowing this protection not to move around.

This is all designed, cut and mounted by my PhD student @danigarcia ! And he decided to help my poor memory by engraving the eVOLVER IP on the door !

Attached are pictures of the part. I would like to upload the illustrator or editable pdf file, but the forum does not allow me to upload these kind of files…how can I share the design ?



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Github would be a nice way to do this, and then post a link here? @heinsz any other thoughts?

Maybe make a new directory in this repo for now? https://github.com/FYNCH-BIO/pcb

I can change the name to be a general hardware repository.

Sounds good ! I tried to create something in there…but logically, I don’t have write access…

You have to make a pull request - directly pushing to branches is a no-no for the most part. This article should be helpful: https://opensource.com/article/19/7/create-pull-request-github

There is also a way to use git via a GUI: https://desktop.github.com/
I don’t use it, but I’ve heard it is pretty intuitive.