How much memory for the RPi 4 Model B?


I’m going to purchase a RPi 4 Model B for my eVOLVER and was wondering how much memory I should go for. Is 1GB enough or do I need a 8GB one?


The 1GB should be enough. I just checked ours in the lab.

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Hi the system has not been tested with the Raspberry Pi 4. We have only run the system with a 3B+ model. The software needs to be modified and tested before it would work with the RPi 4.



Good catch - there is also this other post that outlines using the Raspberry Pi 4, but it’s better to use the 3B+ if you can as it’s been thoroughly tested.

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Thank you for the replies!!

Just out of curiosity, wouldn’t it be possible to solve this compatibility issue using containers, such as docker, on the RPi 4?

For sure! It’s just not something we needed to prioritize and we’re bandwidth limited. If you are interested in contributing to the code base I’d be happy to work with you on it.


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I believe it would be a good solution for me. If I end up developing this I idea, I’ll be in touch.