New RPi 3 Model B+

Hi, our raspberry pi seemed to have been damaged when we had a spill. We have a new one to replace it, but when I plug it in with the old micro sd, nothing appears to happen (the red power light comes on, and the green light blinks, but nothing comes up on the screen and it cannot be accessed through the command line; am I missing something? or is it possible that the micro sd is malfunctioning too?

Did you transfer the SD card?

Yes, I transferred the SD card. I did have a typo in the above post that I’ve since corrected.

Can you see the Pi connected via the router admin console?

No, I cannot see the Pi connected

The lights on the ethernet port of the Pi don’t seem to be turning on at all either

You might need to reflash your SD card. Here is the most recent image:

Thanks, it was just that we got a bad Pi