Lightning bolt appearing on eVOLVER screen

Hi there!

We were ready to start a two-week eVOLVER experiment and a lightning bolt appeared on the screen (first time ever).

Google says this means the Raspberry Pi is undervoltage.

I connected to the Pi via ssh and ran:

$ vcgencmd get_throttled

This meaning that the Pi is undervoltage and throttled.

We have another eVOLVER plugged into the same power source that doesn’t have this problem.

Would it be safe to run the experiment without eVOLVER unexpectedly shutting down? Any other troubleshooting we can do to solve this?

Also, is the Pi running the server also running the electron app displayed on the screen or are they two different Pis?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Dani,

Generally, even though the underpowered symbol appears, the server still runs fine, for us. One alternative (just to be sure) is to power the Raspberry Pi with an external 5V power source. We are not sure why the behavior is unpredictable for when the lightning bolt appears.

Of course, purchase the right power supply adaptor for the EU standard plug.

The Pi that runs the server is also the one running the touch screen.


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Thanks a lot, Brandon!

Have you done this yourselves and it solved the problem? If it has been running fine it should be okay, but we just want to make sure!