OSX version compatibility

Probably not an issue, but are there any expected issues between OSX versions (El Capitan/High Sierra/Mojave etc.)? I’ve been ignoring updates to keep things constant, but it’s probably fine to just run the update and see?

There shouldn’t be any compatibility issues for the updated code/ software moving forward. No guarantees for the legacy code but there shouldn’t be any issues for that either. I’ve been running Mojave on my laptop for all the testing so probably better to switch all of them.

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Hello! Following up on this thread, I would like to check if the latest big sur is compatible. Based on your answer, it seems like this should not be an issue. But I am asking in case anyone knows if this is not compatible at all. Thank you very much!

I actually rebooted a mac mini to whatever version of big sur came out last week and have been able to set up clients on this computer to connect to the evolver server on the raspberry pi.

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