Where could I find a design of the pump array?

I checked the online materials but find nothing about the pump array. Could I get the detailed information (such as module, supplier, mounting board etc.) from any place?

There are two routes you can take. You can order a pump array from Fynch or you can build your own with the following parts:

Peristaltic Pump - Amazon

16 Pin Connectors - Digikey

Print your own PCB- Files for Pump Board can be found on Github

Laser cut your own acrylic mounting board

Hope this helps!


Hi Brandon,

Do you have any recommendations on where to buy the pump tubing and the pump heads?


In case it is helpful for anyone here, we got some spare pump heads and tubing here:

Pump heads - Kamoer (Alibaba)

Pump tubing - Kamoer (Alibaba)

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