Sudden disconnections

Hi everyone,

We have some problems of strange sudden disconnections of eVOLVER.

Previously we used local lab network to which were connected both computer and eVOLVER and occasionally there were periods of time when there are no data (neither OD, nor temperature, nor dilutions in turbidostat mode consequently):

There is no error message in log file corresponding to these time periods, the computer was connected to network and not on sleep the whole time. And this happened almost each time we ran an experiment.

After some time it restarts, also pressing Ctrl+C sometimes helps to resume experiment.

Now we have switched to a direct connection by the use of Ethernet cable between eVOLVER and a lab computer and we got the same problem during our last experiment.

Have you seen a similar problem? Do you have any idea why this happens and how to solve this?



This is strange. This is typically caused by the computer going to sleep. Can you screenshot the power settings you have on your computer and share it here?


It is in French, sorry… The sleep (veille) option is actually set to never.

Can you give me more details, is this going through a private routers or the university router? Can you elaborate on what you tried? You were trying to go through WiFi before?

Before we used the wired network of the university. This was done with my laptop. The first thought was about computer falling asleep, so I tried disactivating ‘sleep option’ when connected to power source. The problem didn’t disappear.

We thought that the problem was with the university network or maybe with antivirus of my laptop, so we tried connecting evolver to a lab computer that is in the same room directly by an ethernet cable. We cannot use WiFi connection for lab equipment.

The evolver got an internal IP attributed by Windows of the lab computer (169.x.x.x).

This decreased significantly these periods without data (Just once in 3 experiments). But still this happened.


Sorry I can only comment on behavior via a router. Also I have minimal experience with a windows computer. Maybe someone else might be able to provide some help.



You can still use a router as described in the tutorials but just disable the wifi in the router settings. The raspberry pi/evolvers do not use the wifi.