About the Getting Started category

The following steps are tutorials to help setup your eVOLVER system:

  1. Purchasing an eVOLVER
  2. Connecting the eVOLVER to your Lab Computer
  3. Connecting any auxilary modules (e.g. fluidics box)
  4. Downloading the Fynch Bio GUI
  5. Installing the appropriate libraries onto the computer
  6. Running OD and Temperature Calibrations from the GUI
  7. Starting your first test experiment

Note: We will populate the links as they become avalible.

Are there any more links you can populate here? Particularly for steps 4 and 5?

Thanks. Updated steps 4 and 5.


How can I purchase the system?


Hi there,
Is there a new link of how to run the temperature and OD calibration with the GUI? Thanks!

@maraxen kindly wrote up a short protocol on how to do the calibrations. Please let us know if you have any specific questions about using the GUI. +1 for the growing eVOLVER community!