Calibration files unable to be accessed


I’m trying to run an experiment, but the script seems to be getting stuck on the calibration files

These are the errors I’m getting in the log file:
2020-10-29 17:39:01 - eVOLVER - [WARNING] - Calibrations not received yet, requesting again
2020-10-29 17:39:01 - eVOLVER - [WARNING] - calibration files still missing, skipping custom functions
2020-10-29 17:39:22 - eVOLVER - [WARNING] - Calibrations not received yet, requesting again
2020-10-29 17:39:22 - eVOLVER - [WARNING] - calibration files still missing, skipping custom functions

When I try to run the command for listing the calibration files, to check if there are any I get this:

mydirectory\dpu> python calibration/calibrate.py -a -g
Waiting for evolver connection...
Connected to eVOLVER as client
Getting calibration names...

But it never gets past ‘Getting calibration names…’
I know there are calibration files on the eVOLVER base, but it seems like they aren’t being accessed?

When I look into calibrate.py, the command emitted to get the names does seem to run (I added a print statement after), but perhaps not properly because the code gets stuck at this

Any help would be much appreciated,

Couple questions:

  • You’re able to ping the evolver and control it via the GUI otherwise? You have the correct IP and are able to basic communication with the evolver?

  • Can you screenshot what the Setup Page of the GUI looks like when you do actuate the pumps, etc. What calibration files are selected in the Setup Page.

  • Also I am not sure what the default version of python you are using but make sure you are set it Python 3. To be sure, its probably better to ping the machine using python3 instead of just python

Also, on the RPi do you see a calibrations.json file at ~/evolver/evolver?

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the troubleshooting suggestions.

  • I am able to ping the evolver and I am able to ssh in to the evolver and look at the files.

  • I can’t seem to set up the GUI on my windows machine here. If this is necessary I can look into troubleshooting it further. I installed yarn and ran it in the evolver-electron folder, but it errored out super hard. I might try doing a clean clone of the github and new yarn install and do it again.

  • I only have python3 installed so that shouldn’t be the issue

*Here is the calibration.json file on the rPi

Here are some photos I took of the rPi GUI:
Calibration files in the setup:

Pump command:

Light command:

Thanks so much!

Oh that isn’t the right file - very confusing, but there is a calibrations.json and a calibration.json that do different things. We will be phasing out the calibration.json, it doesn’t really do anything anymore. We updated the calibrations format at one point to make them more generalized, but this broke the old ones. There is a calibrations update script you can run to update the old ones. You just have to pass the directory of the old calibrations as a parameter, and then give a new filename for the transformed calibrations.

python3 calibration_transformation.py -d calibrations -f calibrations.json

This worked! Thank you!

It seems like I’m getting almost all of the way there thanks to your guys’ help. I’m now just having some Arduino code problems.