Failure to run calibration code, gets hung up at various points

When trying to run the OD calibration code, the commands seem to get hung up before completion, but when initially setting up the machine a month ago the code was able to run fine.

When trying to list calibration files, the terminal consistently gets hung up on ‘Waiting for evolver connection…’

When trying to run the actual calibration file, it either gets hung up after ‘connected to evolver as client’ or right before asking for confirmation to use the newly generated calibration. When this happens, the image of the 16 plots for the calibrations is generated and appears normal.

I have attached screenshots of both previous successful completion of the calibration as well as the recently unsuccessful attempt.

Thanks for any assistance!

You have a typo in your ip address. You wrote “” instead of “”


Whoops, thanks, that explains why that particular command didn’t execute, but when it gets hung up after running the calibration script, but doesn’t ask to ‘update evolver with calibration’, the IP address I used was correct. It wouldn’t have been able to connect if it weren’t.

Rerunning the command to list the calibration files worked once I used the proper IP address. The other command is still getting hung up at the same spot now, although yesterday it was getting hung up after connecting to the evolver but before running the calibration script.

I thought it might be a failure of the terminal to issue a keyboard prompt, but I’m still able to run and interact with the evolver.py script without issue.

Sorry its a bit difficult to read the output. Can you tell me what exactly you are inputting as a command?

dhcp-v027-044:dpu-master LiuSynEvoLab$ python3 calibration/calibrate.py -a -g

Waiting for evolver connection…

Connected to eVOLVER as client

Getting calibration names…

{‘name’: ‘temp20190906’, ‘calibrationType’: ‘temperature’}

{‘name’: ‘yeast_20190906_by4741’, ‘calibrationType’: ‘od’}

{‘name’: ‘Temp-2019-12-10 22:29:08’, ‘calibrationType’: ‘temperature’}

{‘name’: ‘ODCal-2019-12-12 00:29:12’, ‘calibrationType’: ‘od’}

{‘name’: ‘ODCal-2019-12-12 01:35:07’, ‘calibrationType’: ‘od’}

{‘name’: ‘ODCal-2020-01-13 03:54:46’, ‘calibrationType’: ‘od’}

dhcp-v027-044:dpu-master LiuSynEvoLab$ python3 calibration/calibrate.py -a -n ‘ODCal-2020-01-13 03:54:46’ -t sigmoid -f ‘20200113_yeast_OD90’ -p od_90

Waiting for evolver connection…

Connected to eVOLVER as client

[[12799.139588235554, 25426.40543997372, 1.5484530723520182, -0.7015094389907468], [13808.142799321378, 24784.733773827913, 1.6198362752790165, -0.9928100066148807], [12374.77693360494, 24719.400709446087, 1.614320477239458, -0.9451370941926988], [-2086255.4952868132, 47867.91257832485, 37.80818645755249, -0.0528624055997827], [17921.93778952535, 26559.867102620527, 1.0135284685021162, -1.4226107836210007], [16292.475723373713, 30296.299932360424, 1.404714954674004, -0.4284309236102449], [20789.41851988906, 27153.51651790837, 1.3162422458328171, -1.2749015890319044], [19732.395860079872, 28371.932026379043, 1.7794763338691042, -0.8565506589165441], [18545.974772307007, 31079.91108435118, 1.6076013496868014, -0.514752216734214], [21788.340373976425, 32376.94042175192, 1.5709210301831356, -0.44737699859127145], [626.0576515170784, 78832.39067560945, -3.112243009672113, -0.09945499162164777], [14426.914824565378, 32787.07080723056, 1.3625430558464988, -0.32295506615459757], [15955.075886434362, 32852.32636460492, 1.3970172703639114, -0.3647113982012863], [12837.47589726941, 33063.543561327024, 1.2337581214809374, -0.3243001338950025], [11495.14880601163, 31334.37054950461, 1.300367160171787, -0.38605839616323795], [10894.758813793056, 24327.006045881473, 2.028465751445092, -0.6839700849087789]]

when you close your graph, the prompt should come up whether to update the file or not. I apologize if that wasn’t clear. This is the expected behavior. I will update the prompt to make it more obvious.

I can also run OD135 if that would help, although to my eye they get hung up at the same spot

Oh wow yea thought I closed it but I guess not. big whoops. Thanks.

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No sweat! We’re working on making it easier. Just limited in bandwidth…

I know the feeling. Thanks for the speedy support!