Calibration - Matplotlib cycler error


I am doing a fresh OD calibration, and ran into this code error at the end. It looks like matplotlib cannot find a cycler module, perhaps when trying to plot the calibration result? I noticed on the github that python 3.6 may be recommended for the calibration script, and I am using python 3.8. Could that be part of the problem?

I wanted to ask before going too far and causing myself dependency versionitis. This is the first time I have calibrated on this particular PC, so it could be related to the installation.

Thank you for your help!

The python version shouldn’t matter for the calibration script. Can you try installing cycler? pip install cycler should do it.

I’ll try a clean install on my machine to see if it’s necessary in requirements.txt.


Did you run the setup script before trying this?

Thank you Zack! I ran the setup script a few months back when I was setting up this PC. Should I run the setup script again? I got this from installing the cycler:

Should I try “pip install kiwisolver” next? And maybe “pip install --upgrade pip” too?

Yeah just try installing all the dependencies it’s asking for. If you could let me know what all it made you install I can try to figure out why the installation script didn’t work.

Will do so and then circle back in a little bit, thank you!

Hi Zack, it was only the two - cycler and kiwisolver, and then the calibration finished as normal by generating the figure.
Thank you for your help!

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Thanks, glad that worked! I’ll check out the setup script.

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