DPU installation issue - Exit code 1

Hi all,

We have purchased a new Windows computer for the eVOLVER and are reinstalling the software. I ran into this issue:

The virtual environment is running python 3.11 and both pip and setuptools have been checked for upgrades.

Any suggestions?

Hi @karolbuda, I think you just need to cd into the dpu directory.

Oh nevermind I see you have renamed your directory. Let me dig into it and get back to you!

Try running:

pip install -r requirements.txt

I think some new updates for setuptools might have broken something with setup.py.


I just confirmed that trying to install using python10 on my mac will not install bokeh, but it succeeds using python8. We should try to upgrade bokeh to the latest version asap. Not sure if this is the same issue @karolbuda is having but it’s the point that breaks for me on my machine. Hopefully Brandons suggestion above works for you!


Thanks both for the prompt replies as always! I’ll test this out (as well as alternative python versions) on Monday and let you know how it goes.