Running host on static IP vs local host IP

We’ve been using a local host to view the eVOLVER OD and temperature plots, and to set that up in the terminal we run:

cd …/eVOLVER
python3.6 graphing/src/ runserver

However, we just got a static IP address for our eVOLVER computer, and I was wondering how we should change the code to launch the host to the static IP address instead of our local host.


(Edit: Apparently a google search solves the mystery, but in case anyone else is in search of this answer, to run a static IP:

cd …/eVOLVER
python3.6 graphing/src/ runserver < your IP address >:8000

Also, is there any chance that we could set up some type of counter for estimated media usage for each vial that could be shown below the plots? That would be super helpful to keep track of media usage overnight :slight_smile: (maybe with a reset button for when the media has been replaced/topped off?)


Another more general solution is to do this:

python3.6 runserver

Using the actual IP address works as well.

I agree that media usage would be a useful plot, it’s something we’ve talked about for a while but never prioritized. As a first step I can add it as a metric we keep track of during an experiment in the next release.