Vial racks for dishwashing/autoclaving

Question: What racks can we use for holding vials in the dishwasher and autoclave?

We use these ones, that can be autoclaved and are useful when dish washing also:

I actually ordered from a different seller, little cheaper, but same thing:

Ah ok. I trust polypropylene more but whatever works :slight_smile:

It is polypropylene, see description from lower down on page:
This items is an economical and space-saving rack for individual student use or single applications.
Molded of autoclavable polypropylene.
Each rack features end plates for labeling.
Three-tier design permits convenient insertion and removal of tubes.
Rows are numbered and lettered for tube
Plastic Test Tube Rack
White Color
Easy to carry and clean
30mm x 21 wells

Ah my apologies. I thought BIPEE was a type of plastic.

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