Calibration Files in eVOLVER

Where are the calibration files saved? We’ve poked through all the scripts and searched everywhere on the computer. There should be some .txt files somewhere, right? Any idea where they would be saved or where the custom_script file would be pulling from?


Selecting Active Calibration File for the Experiment
So all the calibration files are saved on the eVOLVER and the custom script grabs the calibration files from the eVOLVER before every experiment. You can set what the active file is from the the setup screen on either the touchscreen or desktop application.

custom_script.py automatically saves the calibration file from whatever is active.

Generating a New Calibration File

To create a new calibration file, please navigate to the appropriate calibration GUI (temp or OD). There, follow the instructions on the GUI in order to properly calibrate the sensors. I plan on adding additional instructions later. Completion of the calibration saves the raw data on the eVOLVER. To interpret the sensor data, run a python script following this readme. Specifically the " Run calibration code (after the raw values have been logged on the eVOLVER)" section.

When executing the calibration script on python, can you explain a bit more on what to enter for -p? Does it matter what I type there? Or is it just a variable name for graphing? We will be calibrating with OD_600.

The od_90 or od_135 refers to the angle the photodiode is to the LED, not the wavelength of light. You have to type in od_90 or od_135 to calibrate those respective photodiodes.

Below is a thread on why we have two photodiodes.

Hi, I am María and I am just starting to use the eVOLVER. I used the GUI to make a new O.D. calibration, but I cannot find it in the setup dashboard. How can I load the right calibration? Thank you.

Hi Maria,

Excited for you to start using eVOLVER! Did you run the calibrate.py scripts?

After you run the calibration OD GUI, it saves the raw data in a file on the eVOLVER. It doesn’t get fitted until you run the calibrate.py script from your lab computer. It is a bit non-intuitive right now, but we’re working on integrating that with the GUI.


Hi Brandon,
Thank you for the fast reply. We tried to run the calibrate.py but it gets stuck in the message “connected to eVOLVER as client”

UPDATE - I had a typo. Feel free to remove this message.

Please continue thread on this post:

Please include screen shots of your terminal and also what IP address the evolver is. You can locate that on the upper right corner of the touch screen on the eVOLVER.